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Welcome to our firm newsletter.  This newsletter will provide you with articles from around the country on timely topics related to tax and bankruptcy law issues.  Should you have content that you would like to share with our readers please feel free to forward it to me.

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Time to Start Planning Your 2016 Tax Strategy

You've probably just finished filing your 2015 taxes and the last thing you want to think about is the IRS but the reality is that a little smart planning now could save you thousands of dollars next year.  One little gift from Congress last year was the resurrection of a popular deduction that allows individuals over 70 1/2 to make a charitable donation directly from their IRA without incurring any tax liability.


How to Pick the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

Did you know we also handle bankruptcy cases?  "That's it, you're done. After struggling to pay your debts, you're ready to consider bankruptcy. It's time to contact a bankruptcy lawyer, but which one?  Some advertise on TV and radio, others on billboards and bus stops. They seem fine, but you can't tell for sure. Asking friends for a recommendation is rather awkward. A discrete online search, maybe? Filing for bankruptcy is a serious step, requiring excellent advice and the right representation. Here's how to find, and then choose, the best bankruptcy attorney for you."


Even if You Died You Need to File Your Taxes

Clearly there are no excuses that will save you from having to file a tax return and pay taxes - not even death.  This situation is challenging for the loved ones who are left behind.  If you lost a family member last year and haven't filed either their personal tax return or the estate return please read this article and then contact our office for more information.


10 Reasons to Fear an IRS Audit

The words "IRS audit" send chills up the spine of every law abiding citizen.  We've all heard the horror stories and some of them are actually true.  For a true understanding of your exposure take a look at this article and then call us to see what applies to your specific situation.


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