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Welcome to our firm newsletter.  This newsletter will provide you with articles from around the country on timely topics related to tax and bankruptcy law issues.  Should you have content that you would like to share with our readers please feel free to forward it to me.

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Daniel L. Britt


The IRS Thinks It Has a Small Business Problem

"The agency estimates that it collects $458 billion a year less in taxes from all Americans than the government is actually due. Most of that “tax gap” is income that goes unreported, and the biggest chunk of it, by far — $125 billion — is individual business income."


Should You File for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a serious decision whether you are doing it as an individual or a corporation.  In some instances there are alternatives but if they don't fit your scenario we can help you with your filing.  This author takes you through some of the issues that should be part of your decision process.


10 Tax Troubles You Can Avoid

The airwaves are full of ads promising to save you thousands on what you owe the IRS.  The only problem is that they're not necessarily true.  Take a look of this list of suggestion from BankRate and then give us a call if you owe back taxes.


You Can Deduct THAT?

From the "now we've heard it all file" come these unique tax deductions.  Before you decide to try to deduct these items we'd suggest a long conversation with your CPA!


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