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Best wishes to all our friends and colleagues for a Happy Tax Day.  Unlike so many other nations, we as Americans are fortunate to have a self enforcing tax system.  Each year, we tell our government what we earned, what we spent on deductible expenses, and what we owe for taxes.  True the tax code is overly complex and often contradictory, but as Pogo said, “We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

What Would You Pay In Taxes If Each Presidential Candidate Won?

Each of the remaining presidential candidates has outlined a tax plan.  These range from big tax cuts to massive tax increases.  Given all the frenzy surrounding the primaries you might not know what each candidate has proposed.  This article will provide you with a calculator that shows, based on your projected income, what each candidate would mean for your personal tax bill.


Obamacare and Your Taxes - What You Need to Know

Suddenly taxpayers are taking a fresh look at Obamacare and a lot of that interest is generated by how it is impacting their tax returns this year.  From IRS Form 8692 to penalties for failure to maintain insurance to withholding a tax refund because the taxpayer got to big an Obamacare subsidy - these issues and more are suddenly front and center in tax filing season.


Young, Broke, and Scared of the IRS:  The Millenial Tax Trap

Facing rising non-dischargeable student loans and a gig based economy with no tax withholding, millenials are squeezed on all sides. "Digging their tax trap deeper, fewer than 10 percent of millennials go to the IRS when they have a tax question, and only about a quarter seek help from a tax professional, the survey found, compared with 38 percent of all taxpayers who seek help from a tax pro. Instead, most young people turn to friends and family, a largely unreliable if well-meaning group. Millennial taxpayers in particular bemoan the long wait times on the phone with the IRS and the agency's weird penchant for mail (like, mail)."


The Tax Deductible Service Dog and Other Medical Tax Deductions

If your 4 legged "fur-child" is a certified service dog (but not a "therapy dog") then the expenses associated with them are tax deductible.  Did a psychiatrist prescribe a wig because of the trauma of hair loss?  Tax deductible.  Perhaps your doctor prescribed a gluten free diet for you.  If so, the difference in cost between that and a regular diet can also be tax deductible.  Take a look at this article for some unique medical deductions that you may be missing out on.


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